About Us

IMG_3528I’m Lura H., A mother of 3 and a woman who refuses to let age or health issues get in my way… Mentally and Physically!   Man or Woman… We all want our Bodies, Looks, and Health to be the best it can be.

With the right exercise, diets, and a positive mind anyone can accomplish this.  You’ve heard the saying “It’s All in your Head”  Well I sincerely believe it is. With the everyday stresses we all encounter, it’s important to stay focused on inspirational words, positive thoughts, fitness/exercise, and diet. You can feel absolutely great, feeling positive and full of energy.  I love to help people with my same interests by sharing information with you and friends.

What can I say? I am a Gym Health Nut.  Enjoy the feeling of being the best “YOU”.

I like to inspire people so… I invite you to send me ideas and things you have found helpful. Anything I can research further to help others in their journey to feeling great.   GymHealthNut.com is here for everyone to enjoy and join in, SO please send friends  gymhealthnut.com  to start working together for all of us together to feel our best and stay healthy. 

Send an E-mail to gymhealthnut@gmail.com