Eating a healthy diet can improve your life dramatically. It can help you to become healthier, have more energy and helps you to just feel great overall. Eating well can keep your weight at a normal level.

Some amount of calories are needed in the body daily. This can be different for each person. There are many factors that go into how many calories that you need- age, sex, weight, age, activity all can change the amount of calories that your body needs.

Eating well means that you also eat a variety of foods. You need to eat good foods that you normally don’t eat. Eat more vegetables, fruits and whole grains. The portions need be moderate, also. This is especially true with high calorie food.

Portion control is also important. It is difficult to do- most restaurants give at least twice as much food as we should have on their plates. If you do go out a lot try splitting your meal or you can even try and order from the appetizer menu.

One of the most important things that you can do to stay healthy is to drink more water. Since our bodies are 75% water we need to make sure that we are drinking enough. We need water to flush out our systems and the kidneys and the bladder. We need to get rid of the waste and toxins. Most people are actually dehydrated and don’t even realize it. Plus, water can help you feel more full throughout the day.

Don’t eat that much food with sugar and salt. Processed foods are also not good. Limit how much you take in your body. Did you know that in one year if you just drink on can of soda you can gain sixteen pounds? It’s true- it is one thing that we don’t think much about but soda can really defeat our whole diet if we don’t be careful.

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