Get Ready for a BODY BREAK-UP

We go through slumps…. We workout regularely and hard, but clothes fit the same and performance has plateaued. What is going on?  We are in a workout RUT. We need to “rock the boat” so to speak, trick our muscles.   Warm up those muscle, this is one of the most important things to do before a workout. Warming up is easy to skip because some think it is not needed or are short of time. I’m here to say you are cheating yourself out of the maximum results. If we Prime our bodies the right way, we can train harder, burn calories and prevent injury. Before any activity…. take 5 minutes and move as many muscle groups as you can. Jumping jacks, Butt kicks, windmills. In the Journal of Strength and Conditioning,  research finds that rolling on a foam roller increases our range of motion (ROM) without sapping your strength the way static stretching does. This get our blood circulating and activates muscles so you can get more from your workout/activity.


Our bodies get use to a routine, it becomes more efficient – and we stop seeing results.   Muscles aren’t that smart, so keep them guessing with simple little changes.  Swap Equipment.  Keep the moves you regularily do just change the tools.  Trade in for dumbbells for a cable machine.  Do ab exercises on a stability ball instead of the floor.    This makes your body work harder to adapt to unfamiliar grips and movements.  Change the order of your exercises or routines.  Do them backwards.  Fatiguing your muscles in a different way than you normally would feels like a whole new routine



NO RESULTS?  You may not be working harder than normal.   You have to up your game.  Progress your moves.   Increase the amount your lifting and smaller reps.  You can experiment with your body weight differently.  You’ve mastered the squat or push-ups, try it with one leg lifted.  This shifts weight so each side (and Core) has to work harder to hold the weight and balance.


An easy and painless way to boost up your cardio is to increase intensity or time at least 10 percent each week.  Lets say you run 6 MPH on the treadmill, bump it up to somewhere between 6.1 to 6.6.  Smaller increments keep you moving forward.  If you do treadmill 30 minutes bump the time up 5 minutes.



Break up your sessions.  If you run 4 miles a week, run only 2 miles four times a week or vice versa.  You will fatigue more often or add more intensity, which will trigger Change.   Be flexible by mixing up the time of day you sweat can give you and edge, depending on your goal.  To melt fat, workout more before breakfast, when you haven’t eaten for several hours – it helps you burn stored fat instead of dietary carbs (muscles’ energy source).   To boost strength and calorie burn, evenings are best.  Cyclists who sprinted between 4 and 8 p.m. had more power than those who rode in the mornings.  .. Study in the Journal of Biology of Exercise shows


When you relax between workouts you actually get fitter.  This is when your body repairs (aka Builds) muscle.

Active recovery is an easy activity such as Yoga or light cardio classes.  This on days off of the hard workouts lets you rest your muscles with gentle movements.  This helps your muscles from getting stiff and gets the blood flowing to ensure healing. Taking a day off or two off a week.  If you don’t take a break you’re at a risk for injury because your’re not giving your body time to repair.  Also you will not perform as well on days you’re going all out.

Our bodies need a vacation from time to time.  Take a week off if you’ve been hitting it hard five to seven days a week for months.  Take seven days of downtime.  Plateaus can be a good sign that your body is tired and needs extra time to recover.  Listen to your body.  This will get you refreshed and ready to hit hard once again.


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